Application solutions
Security IoT Solutions
Continuous work, never stop
Stable performance, no frame drops
Remote upgrade, storage IOT
Data Center Solutions
Long-term stable service quality
Business-savvy, scenario-matched
Energy critical, green first
Industrial Automation Solutions
Complex environment, high reliability
Machine vision, easy management
Network connected, large capacity
In-Vehiclev Storage Solutions
Data reliability and security
Complex application scenarios
High-performance mass data storage
Network Communication Solutions
Extreme environments to ensure communication
High availability, uninterrupted service
Deep power savings and standby mode
Financial Security Solutions
Financial data, security first
Fast transactions
Stable security assurance service
Why SiliconGo
What created SiliconGo brand
Stable Supply Chain
We work closely with all NAND Flash original manufacturers, as well as the industry's leading packaging and testing vendors, to ensure the stability of production services and the efficient operation of the company's product production and logistics.
Technology Accumulation and Complete Product Portfolio
With 17 years of accumulation of storage controllers, firmware and module technology, we have established a complete product portfolio covering different requirements of commercial grade, industrial grade and automotive grade markets.
High Quality and Reliability Requirements
The whole process quality control system certified by ISO9001 covers the analysis of storage medium characteristics, the development of storage controller and its firmware, and the design, packaging, production, testing and after-sales service of various storage modules.
Excellent Customer Support
Excellent support services for all customers.