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Founded in 2007, SiliconGo is an industrial storage brand with "reliability" as its core value. It provides industrial storage products and related technical services based on professionalism and innovation, focusing on enterprise, industrial and automotive applications.
Become a trusted brand in industrial storage.
Reliable Service
SiliconGo service is heartfelt, loving, warm, responsive, reliable, and customer-friendly.
Reliable Quality
Quality assurance is an inherent part of SiliconGo's consciousness, from original electronic design to raw material supply chain, production line certification, production process control, demanding testing standards, and on-time and accurate delivery, reliability is implemented throughout the product process.
Reliable Technology
SiliconGo's continuous innovation of basic and application technologies of storage controllers and firmware, helping customers' business development with specialized customization capabilities and deep understanding of industrial scenarios, and guarding customers' data assets.