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Security IoT
Security IoT
Security IoT

In the era of IoT, the security and IoT fields are also moving in the direction of "intelligence". The demand for high-definition cameras and real-time analysis terminals in the video surveillance industry is increasing, and the data storage products used in the surveillance industry are gradually transforming into servers for terminals and edges.

In the context of "big data", edge artificial intelligence devices to achieve faster and better intelligent services, has gradually penetrated into the security and other industries. At the same time, edge storage products are facing greater challenges in terms of service life, performance stability, and adaptability to remote operability.

Continuous Work, Never Stop

SiliconGo's enterprise-class storage is extremely reliable and long-lasting, providing a stable storage solution for surveillance devices that run continuously year-round to meet the 24×7 non-stop video storage usage environment.

Stable performance, no frame drops

Meet the demand for large video stream storage for security surveillance products, significantly reduce WAI factor, improve service life, and support multiple video continuous writing.

Remote upgrade, storage IOT

For the complexity of surveillance system distribution geography and use environment, the maintenance of storage equipment may be accompanied by complex operation process, SiliconGo embedded storage can provide online remote problem analysis, firmware upgrade and other operations, greatly saving operating costs.