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The process of building hospital information technology is also the process of generating and developing a large amount of medical data. From the perspective of the medical instrument industry, in addition to the new sensing and detection technologies being used and promoted, higher goals have been set for the analysis, storage and display of the collected information. This requires modern medical instruments to have more powerful computing and storage capabilities, and more stable and reliable performance. In addition, medical instruments as a special industry, and require equipment to be able to achieve a higher level of environmental requirements. How to further intelligence, specialization, miniaturization, while achieving low power consumption, zero pollution, will be an endless pursuit process.

In the medical instrumentation of data storage security and reliability requirements, solid state drives have low power consumption, fast data read and write speed, vibration and high temperature resistance, more suitable than traditional mechanical hard disk applications in embedded medical instruments as a data storage device to meet the safety and high performance and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Concerning health, never compromise

Medical devices are about human health and have high requirements for stable operation, and no component should be allowed to go down and other unexpected operating conditions during use. Therefore, each component inside the medical equipment needs to follow the strict standards of efficiency, stability and durability.

Easy to deal with radiation exposure

Some medical devices are used in harsh environments where they are exposed to radioactive or radiation interference, and in a few cases, high temperatures, SiliconGo can provide medical users with hardware and firmware customization to enhance the ESD, EMI, and EMS performance of storage devices. This prevents medical devices from failing due to interference and thus protects patients' health.

Hard drive health, stable and reliable

The storage system relies on complete and correct storage data, presenting the most accurate and timely status information of all kinds, creating a data warning system to ensure the stable operation of medical equipment