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Data Center
Data Center
Data Center

The data center is a specific network device for global collaboration. The creation of data centers has led people's awareness from a quantitative and structured world into an uncertain and unstructured world, and today's network interconnection has raised the generation and use of data by an order of magnitude, which has a very big challenge for the upload and download usage of data storage.

Long-term stable quality of service

SiliconGo's enterprise-class high-speed SSDs are available in U.2 and M.2 form factors, designed to match a variety of data centers. Choose the right high-performance model to meet the rigorous demands of enterprise workloads.

Business-savvy, scenario-matched

Different business scenarios in the data center will generate different data read and write patterns, such as read-write hybrid, read-intensive, write-intensive, and other different business scenarios all have different performance requirements for storage. For different business types, SiliconGo has done in-depth research and development to adapt and optimize SSDs for customer usage scenarios to ensure high performance and long life, and to improve data center operational efficiency and save operational costs for enterprises. Based on its understanding of business, SiliconGo has introduced a richer product portfolio to meet the performance requirements of different business scenarios, and can reduce the overall customer investment through product portfolio solutions.

Energy critical, green first

Power consumption characteristics are critical to improving the efficiency of data center operations, and the energy consumption of storage devices is one of the major components of data center energy consumption. The heat emitted by each hard drive also leads to an increase in the internal loop temperature of the data center, and to ensure a constant temperature in the server room, the data center also has to increase the cooling-related power consumption. SiliconGo enterprise class high-speed SSDs consume 20% to 50% less energy than similar products on the market under operating conditions and 28% less energy than similar products in standby mode, eliminating the need to sacrifice performance to reduce power consumption and effectively helping enterprises achieve high performance and low power costs. Save, while assisting enterprises to move towards green and energy-saving sustainable development.