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Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation

Industrial automation has become a global trend, and more and more factories are investing R&D resources to enhance their advantages in the industrial field. In addition to meeting the production efficiency, industrial equipment systems also require much higher reliability, especially in complex operating environments, to maintain stable and efficient operation.

One of the significant features of the "Industry 4.0" era is the interconnection and networking of industrial equipment, which enables companies to use network data from IoT devices and computer control systems to enable efficient and orderly operation of each device on its own. Based on the popularity and installation of more and more field sensors, large-scale data collection technology has developed rapidly, and the massive data storage generated during the automation production process has become a bottleneck for industrial automation systems to continue to move forward. A true automation upgrade needs to ensure a highly reliable and ultra-durable storage solution.

Complex environments, high reliability

Industrial automation manufacturing sites are often remote, with environments that change rapidly or even reach extremes. SiliconGo industrial-grade embedded storage can operate continuously under extreme conditions from -40° to 85°, and the stable and reliable data storage system can easily cope with the challenges brought by the operation of outdoor machinery in harsh environments.

Machine vision, easy management

As we enter the era of "Industry 4.0", more and more production processes are replaced by robots, and materials are transported, transferred, and sorted in the factory by vision robots. The SiliconGo embedded storage is used in the front-end vision processing and core control of robots, which can help the transformation of enterprise automation and intelligence more efficiently.

Network connected, large capacity storage

In the era of network connectivity, data is integrated from the edge to the cloud. SiliconGo provides a full range of storage solutions from the edge, to computing, to the cloud, helping companies improve productivity and build new business manufacturing models.