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In-Vehicle Storage
In-Vehicle Storage
In-Vehicle Storage

While the rapid development of autonomous driving and connected vehicles is driving storage demand and market growth, it is also placing higher demands on automotive storage products. Autonomous driving has redefined storage requirements and storage solution providers are presented with new challenges in terms of storage capacity, speed, security and more. Including large capacity, vibration, voltage instability, unexpected power failure, large temperature change, dusty, signal interference of each device between the whole machine and other issues.

Data reliability and security

This is the most basic and demanding challenge faced by storage manufacturers, and is also a key factor for relevant regulations and insurance liabilities to rely on the volume. SiliconGo adopts ultra-high reliability pSLC technology, and its products have good performance in life time, erase times, and wide temperature industrial application environment, which can guarantee the effectiveness of data storage and smoothness of reading and writing. In response to common challenges such as vibration, voltage instability, and accidental power failure in in-vehicle applications, SiliconGo continuously polishes the reliability and stability of the product in application environments by deepening the frequency and intensity of accidents in test scenarios, combined with exclusive testing techniques, and then guarantees no loss of data storage in harsh in-vehicle operating environments through exclusive firmware optimization technology.

Complex application scenarios

With the shift of electrical and electronic architecture to domain and central control units, the convergence of applications has become more complex in terms of storage requirements, no longer a single read or write operation, such as navigation is a read-intensive operation, car recorder is a write-intensive operation. The storage can be highly integrated with the read and write characteristics of the usage scenario to provide the best solution for customers. At the same time, SiliconGo's full range of storage solutions covers consumer-grade memory cards to industrial-grade and automotive-grade storage products to meet the different application needs of users.

High Performance mass data storage

In order to meet the needs of autonomous driving, more and more radars and cameras are deployed in cars, and the process of driving will generate a large amount of data for the gradual upgrade of autonomous driving. The radar and camera will generate a large amount of data during the driving process, and the infotainment system data volume is growing rapidly, in order to prevent data loss, high performance and large bandwidth storage support is inevitably needed, at the same time, the capacity limit of in-vehicle storage will also bring a greater challenge, SiliconGo's automotive-grade application products not only meet the AEC-Q100 automotive-grade certification, product capacity covers SiliconGo's automotive-grade application products not only meet the AEC-Q100 automotive-grade certification, but also cover 4GB-256GB to meet the growing demand for automotive-grade storage.