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Network Communications
Network Communications
Network Communications

The essence of network communication is information exchange, enabling human-to-human, human-to-computer, and computer-to-computer communication. The establishment of huge communication networks relies on a large number of limited and wireless basic communication devices, which are usually installed outdoors and challenged by extreme environmental conditions. Due to the limited size of small base stations, it is almost impossible to install design heat sinks and fans on the system. It follows that the storage in communication base stations needs to withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as provide additional protection bands in terms of power consumption and ensure smooth start-up and operation in the above-mentioned high and low temperature environments.

Extreme environments to ensure communication

SiliconGo's industrial storage products not only use high quality and reliable components, but also have special temperature regulation modules for cold start-up in low-temperature environments and temperature regulation in high-temperature environments. The storage products are equipped with special temperature regulation modules and pass the severe high and low temperature special tests to ensure the smooth operation of the system.

High availability, uninterrupted service

The high availability requirements commonly imposed on equipment in the telecom field are crucial to the continuous operation of telecom equipment. In order to enhance the stability of telecom equipment, SiliconGo has conducted a series of high availability designs in terms of operation monitoring, bad block handling, and online upgrade by deeply analyzing the high availability requirements of telecom equipment and combining the SMART and TRIM functions of SSD. With the organic combination of these functions, it can help telecom equipment effectively resist all kinds of hardware and software failures and ensure the smooth operation of the system without downtime.

Deep power savings and standby mode

SiliconGo storage products operate at lower power consumption than competitive products and feature deep power saving and standby modes. The configuration allows storage components to be placed in a low-power state, reducing power consumption and the load on the host device.