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Today's transportation industry leverages the latest technologies in processor, network and data storage technologies to address increasingly complex roadway and transportation conditions. This is especially true for embedded systems deployed in rail and road transportation, which increasingly rely on intelligent devices to collect, process and store critical data while securing it.

These transportation-centric, data-intensive embedded systems cover a wide range of applications in areas such as traffic counting, fleet tracking, telematics, equipment monitoring, video surveillance, and more. Parking and ticket management system equipment is often in complex and harsh environments, and storage devices not only need to withstand external challenges such as large temperature and humidity changes, dust, vibration and shock in the environment, but also face problems such as unstable system voltage, which may cause a conventional hard disk to fail to work properly, and the data generated by train operation cannot be continuously and completely recorded and saved.

Stable operation

SiliconGo in-vehicle products are tested and verified in harsh -40°C to 85°C environments, and with SiliconGo's triple-proof coating technology, they can withstand the challenges of temperature and humidity changes.

Immune to electromagnetic interference

SiliconGo's storage products for the transportation industry are built to meet industrial usage standards, ensuring that the modules are immune to electromagnetic interference. In addition, SiliconGo's integration of firmware and hardware technologies, along with SiliconGo's exclusive VDT detection mechanism, effectively prevents the risk of data loss due to unstable electrical voltage, allowing information to be more completely protected.

No fear of bumps and bruises

SiliconGo storage products are subjected to rigorous vibration testing to ensure that they can withstand the shocks and jitters of the environment. The special layout and bottom reinforcement technology allows for a more secure mounting to the motherboard, preventing physical damage to the storage device or data loss due to bumps in transit.