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Financial Security
Financial Security
Financial Security

In the current digital age, data means wealth for any industry, and it is even more important for the financial industry. Everything in the financial industry is built on the basis of data. Data storage for bank ATMs, VTMs, auto bill fillers, supermarket cash registers, vending machines, etc. has launched financial IPC storage solutions. Financial IPC storage needs to have fast read/write capability for small data, and longer life, lower failure rate, and higher information security level.

The financial storage firmware is specially optimized to enhance the service life, reduce the failure rate, and fully support the special needs of storage for various small data application environments for financial small data, in line with the bank's financial security standards.

Financial data, security first

With the further development of information technology and the high dependence of financial business systems on information technology, information security issues are becoming more and more serious, new security threats are emerging, and the risk of information security from external and internal sources will continue to increase, which puts forward higher requirements for the security of financial systems. SiliconGo's high security encryption algorithms make stored data in financial systems safe and secure in a silent manner.

Fast transactions

With the overall architecture intact, only the storage needs to be replaced to help the financial industry cope with fragmented and massive transactions with minimal investment. SiliconGo's storage products offer high performance and low latency with performance acceleration algorithms while supporting end-to-end NVMe capabilities, providing ultra-low latency to support fast-growing transaction sizes, reduce transaction latency and save space.

 Stable Security Assurance Service

The financial industry has seen an increasing number of devices as the total amount of stored data grows, while equipment failure, aging appliances, and natural wear and tear have become unavoidable problems. Once equipment failure occurs, it may often bring data loss or require long time data recovery. This is an unbearable loss for the financial industry. This requires storage devices that can provide 5 out of 9 or even 6 out of 9 (99.9999%) reliability guarantee, and SiliconGo products with ultra-high MTBF value and long life are uniquely positioned to do so.