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Electric Energy
Electric Energy

Smart grid is a new modern power grid with high information, automation and interconnection characteristics based on the traditional power system by integrating advanced sensing technology, information communication and automatic control technology. In order to meet users' demand for power and optimize resource allocation, and to ensure the safety, reliability and economy of power supply, the memory components used in the grid system must also meet higher usage standards. In order to achieve safe, reliable, economic and efficient operation of the grid, the grid memory devices must meet the characteristics of small size, ruggedness, high reliability and wide temperature, which are also urgently needed for the laying of the current smart grid.

Meet the stringent requirements of the power industry

With the rapid development of smart power, storage has been widely used in power generation, transmission, substation, distribution, and power end-side. Distribution automation, power information collection, load control, disaster warning and other services have raised higher requirements for real-time, reliability, security and ease of deployment of communication network transmission. At the same time, storage must be cost-effective, flexible, stable and reliable. SiliconGo storage solution adopts ultra-high reliability pSLC technology, which can multiply the read and write times and life of storage devices while taking into account the economy, and the storage products that meet the industrial-grade application environment can easily handle the extreme temperature difference of the grid laying network, meeting the harsh use of storage in the power industry in all aspects. The storage products are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the power industry.

Fault trend prediction for self-healing

Smart grid needs to achieve automatic monitoring and self-healing control in order to basically eliminate the risk of large area and long time power outage. By analyzing the correlation between fault types, historical status and operating parameters of faulty devices in the grid, predicting the pattern of grid faults and assessing the risk of grid operation, SiliconGo's industrial-grade eMMCs can provide stable and reliable product quality and exclusive storage life monitoring software to help customers achieve real-time monitoring and fault recovery. SiliconGo's industrial-grade eMMC not only provides stable and reliable product quality, but also exclusive storage life monitoring software that helps customers achieve real-time monitoring, fault warning, and online self-healing for fault analysis and firmware updates, greatly reducing the risk of system downtime, as well as greatly reducing customers' post-maintenance costs.

Power security, active defense

SiliconGo's storage products are based on self-developed controllers and firmware, using high quality NAND Flash, and mastering core key technologies to provide customers with secure, reliable, and trustworthy storage devices that meet the future grid system requirements for reliability and security.