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Warranty Policy
Warranty Agreement

YEESTOR Microelectronics Co., Ltd. guarantees that all SiliconGo products undergo strenuous quality control testing before delivery. In the event that any product defect (nonconformity) occurred with respect to the product, YEESTOR will provide product repair and replacement service within the warranty period according to this agreement.

Warranty Period
DurationProducts Categories
Five-Year WarrantyAll SLC Products
Three-Year WarrantyAll Industrial  Series Products

Warranty Terms

This warranty policy does not apply to resold used products and/or products obtained from unauthorized distribution channels.

In-warranty service: If the product is serviced or replaced within the original warranty period, YEESTOR will provide service free of charge, or you will receive a replacement of your original product.

Out-of-warranty service: If the product is serviced out of the original warranty period, you will be charged a fee, and the serviced device will receive an additional half year warranty.

The Warranty is NOT
subject to the conditions

1. Manufactured products misused or abused due to non-compliance with Innodisk's product manual.

2. Any damage caused by natural disasters, such as floods, conflagrations, earthquakes, lightning strikes, typhoons, etc.; actions of intent, such as bumping, hammering, etc.; computer malfunction; human error, such as losing the product, improper storage, etc.; or other abnormal uses.

3. Any damage caused by modification (installation, attachment, application of coating(s), extension, modification, reparation, and disassembly) by anyone other than an YEESTOR-authorized employee with an YEESTOR-approved firmware or component.

4. The warranty is invalid when the YEESTOR sticker is removed or damaged in any way.

5. Product serial number does not match or serial number is broken or unclear.

6. Products purchased through non-authorized distribution channels.

7. Any damage caused by mishandling during the transportation for repair.

8. Any improper action that causes the flash to exceed the lifespan limitation. (Erase count MLC: over 3,000 times, iSLC (2D MLC): over 20,000 times, iSLC (3D TLC): over 30,000 times, SLC: over 60,000 times, 3D TLC: over 3,000 times, 3D eTLC: over 10,000 times) The erase count is determined using YEESTOR's iSMART tool.

9. SiliconGo products are not designed for high safety applications and we do not recommend that you use our products in life support equipment or other equipment where a defect or failure could result in personal injury or death, including but not limited to medical or related equipment, military or related equipment, aircraft, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention systems, combustion control systems, nuclear power equipment. If our products are used in such applications, we shall not be liable for any personal injury or death and any damages arising out of such applications.

YEESTOR Microelectronics Co., Ltd.will update the warranty policy from time to time. For the latest version, please refer to the official website.